Friday, October 14, 2011

Semi-Easy Chinese Roast Duck Lunch :o)

Chinese Roast Duck Served Peking Style :o)

I love Chinese Style Roast Duck, I wish that we could get real Peking Duck around here, but the way it's prepared is outlawed by the CA State Health Dept.  At some restaurants you can get "Peking Duck" with a super crispy skin, but most places don't make a tasty one.  Next best thing is to get a cooked roast duck from a Chinese market :o)

Whole Cooked Roast Duck...

There is an Asian grocery store around here called 99 Ranch Market that sells just about everything Asian that you need! They even have a BBQ section that sells whole roast duck, chickens, BBQ Pork etc....all Asian Style.  It's really inexpensive too...this was only $14 on sale...normally $16 ;o)

The Body...

I got the duck the night before I was going to eat it, so stuck it in the refrigerator.  This is what it looked like cold, but when you buy it, it's hot, hot, hot and ready to eat!  They also normally hack it up for you, so it's easier to eat, but I like to get it whole and cut it up myself.  I don't like having to pick through the bones ;o)  I also had to have someone in line translate for me that I wanted it whole...

Meat Cut Off the Bone...

You don't get much meat off of a duck, but what you get is oh so yummy!

Pre-Packaged Sticky Rice Balls
They also have pre-made Sticky Rice (Glutinous Rice)...this is one of my favs from Dim Sum outings...

Pre-Packaged Buns...

The buns that are usually served with Peking Duck...

Steaming the Sticky Rice...

I steamed these for about 15 mins...

Steaming the Buns...

and these for less than 10 mins.  It's convenient to have a double-decker steamer ;o)


Filled w/Pork Chunks :o)

Ready to Eat...

I just heated the duck up in the toaster oven for about 10 mins on the toaster setting...

Sliced Green Onions & Hoisin Sauce

The Hoisin Sauce is just out of the bottle and I diluted it a little with water.

Steamed Bun, Duck, Hoisin & Green Onion Sandwich :o)

Peking Duck is traditionally served in courses.  1st is the crispy skin w/buns or thin crepes, 2nd is the meat just served by itself or it can be in lettuce cups, then last course would be a soup made with the carcass.

Making Stock...

The carcass makes a very luscious stock.  I added green onions, garlic, ginger & a little salt.  It doesn't need much seasonings since the duck itself  is so flavorful.

Duck Udon w/Kimchi Gyoza

I used the leftover duck meat & stock to make udon for dinner a couple of days later.  99 Ranch has an incredible produce section! I've never seen so many in Baby Bok Choy, Bok Choy etc. ;o)

The Udon has duck, grated daikon, chopped green onions, Bunapi Mushrooms, Daikon, Baby Bok Choy & Tagu Choy.  You can just about put anything in udon that you desire!  

Hokto is my favorite brand of Japanese mushrooms, you can find them in many Asian markets...

Kimchi & Pork Gyoza (Pot Stickers)

I served the udon with Kimchi Gyoza.  It's regular potstickers, but I put Kimchi in it too :o)  It has  ground pork, napa cabbage, soy sauce, grated ginger, garlic, green onions, pepper, sesame oil & kimchi.  I make the filling, but buy pre-made skins, these were a little thicker than what I'm used to...


  1. You seriously do amazing meals! i want to come over and cook with you! The peking duck and the kim chee gyoza look so good. YUM!

  2. This looks amazing! Duck is probably my favorite fowl but I don't get it much because of cost and the fact that hubby doesn't like it. But oh my, now I want some duck.... *drools*

  3. Thanks Lindsey, but you make some amazing meals too :o)

    Thanks Janet, what's nice about Asian duck is that it's inexpensive. The whole duck was only $14 on sale :o)

  4. Sounds delicious! Now if only I lived somewhere you could find it...

  5. WOW! I'm impressed! These ALL look and sound amazing! What great duck recipes!

  6. Everything looks amazing! ...and I LOVE duck!

  7. ZOMG, lady. This looks sooooo good! This whole page does! I am a huge lover of the duck skin in the steamed bun :-) I didn't know you can buy the buns ready to go. Huh. I actually don't shop at the 99 Ranch Market even though there are a few around here. Guess I'll have to make a stop sometime soon!

  8. Remember my story that I don't like bird's neck. I almost die looking at your duck. LOL!!!! You totally scared me! ;-) I love duck with bun and your udon looks super!!! Your photos are amazing Kayo! Sugoi oishisou ni mieru!!!

  9. what a great way to finish off the whole duck. I love using the leftover duck to make porridge. Very tasty.
    Hope you're having a fabulous weekend.

  10. You're really know how to 'make use' of the whole roasted duck to make different yummy dishes, Kay! I love your Chinese Roast Duck Served Peking Style and Duck Udon w/Kimchi Gyoza. The roasted duck broth is very very yummy and your Kimchi & Pork Gyoza is so irresistible esp those charred bits! *droops*
    Those steamed buns are our fave and we always eat it with braised pork belly. YUMS! My gals love to eat them plain tho. ;)

  11. I can't believe that I never had a now I got to try it!:)) Lovely photos and an amazing recipe..I can only say "NICELY DONE"

  12. WOW, you truly did well with the duck and I am happy to come wash dishes for you if you let me taste all the dishes there.

  13. what a fancy lunch! The picture are making my hungry again!

  14. Gosh seeing all this food makes me craving for it. I love how you made the most out of the duck. I should do that to!

  15. I love 99 ranch market. I live right between a vallarta and a 99 ranch its like the best of both worlds haha. Everything looks amazing. I should get a duck one of these days i think my sister may have a heart attack until i cut the thing up.

  16. Jen, I know, I'm so lucky that I have access to a ton of ethnic food stuff ;o)

    Thanks Ann & mjs!!

    Hester, you should go to 99 Ranch, they have a ton of interesting stuff. I love the buns, you can stuff it with other stuff like pork belly :o) I should go more often...

    Thanks foodie :o)

    Nami, you are so funny about being scared with bird It's funnier because you are such a good cook and make so many diverse stuff like fish!

    Thanks Krisy, I was going to make porridge, but went for the udon instead ;o)

  17. Thanks Lyn! Sometimes it's a game for me to try to come up with different leftovers. The pork belly with the buns sound so good! I like eating the plain buns too ;o)

    Thanks Sandra, but I can't believe you've never had duck!! You have to try it, I think I like the Chinese version the best :o)

    Thanks Quay Po & Yi:o)

    Thanks Lilly, I hate to have stuff go to

    Thanks Kimberly, isn't it funny how people can get so grossed out by How fun that you have both a Mex & Asian grocery near you. I bet you get some amazing meals out of those :o)

  18. I must know. Are you photographing near a window? Your photos are so perfectly lit. Just gorgeous. I can even see the steam on waffing beneath your sticky rice.

    As the recipe, you have demystified several Asian cooking processes for me. You are as tireless as you are creative. I just can't get enough of your blog. I'm addicted! Thanks for the constant inspiration.



  19. Alaiyo, you always say the sweetest things, thank you :o)

    I shoot most of the finished dishes in a lightbox, but the step-by-step photos are under regular kitchen lights. Hubby put in LED Floodlights that make it really bright :o)

  20. Thanks for letting me know about the lightbox. Photographing the cooking process is tough because of the lighting.

    Happy Fall!

  21. Inspirational. I would die for a meal like this! Or I could just make it....

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