Friday, July 15, 2011

My Version of Iron Chef Morimoto's Toro Tartare...

My Version...

We spent the 4th of July weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area and had the best time!  It was mostly an eating fest which is quite normal for our  One of the highlights was being able to go to Iron Chef Morimoto's restaurant in the Napa Valley.  My favorite dish was the Toro Tartare and after having it there, I decided I wanted to try to make it at home.  I succeeded :o)

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Morimoto Napa's Version...

Served with Nori Tsukudani, Wasabi, Sour Cream, Chives, Guacamole & Mini Rice Crackers...

Toro Scraps & Maguro...

Toro (fatty tuna) is quite expensive, but sometimes at the Japanese market they sell toro scraps that's much cheaper :o)  For the toro tartare,  I used a combo of toro & regular maguro (tuna).


Chopping Toro & Maguro...

I hand chopped it super fine...

Served w/Nori Tsukudani, Mini Rice Crackers, Wasabi, Yuzu Kosho & Dashi Shoyu & Uni 

I was too lazy to make all the condiments;o)  I didn't think it needed the sour cream, chives or guacamole.  Next time I may add chopped green onions.  There is a popular sushi dish called Negi Toro which is cubed toro with green onion. I was lucky enough to have the mini rice crackers leftover from a previous trip to Japan because I wasn't able to find it in a Japanese market here.  This type of rice cracker is usually used for Ochazuke (Rice w/hot Tea).  Traditional Yuzu Kosho is Yuzu Peel (a type of citrus) mixed w/green pepper & salt then fermented.

At Morimoto the dipping sauce wasn't just regular soy sauce, it was soy sauce mixed w/Dashi Stock (Bonito/Kombu). I made dashi instead of using just the powdered stuff and then mixed it with regular soy sauce & Shiro Shoyu (White Soy Sauce) which is slightly different than light soy sauce, it has a less salty flavor to it.  

Nori Tsukudani

Tsukudani is seafood, meat or seaweed cooked down in Mirin (Sweet Cooking Sake) & Soy Sauce.  Nori is the seaweed version.  I haven't tried to make it since it's so easy to buy it at the store :o)  It's a popular Japanese condiment eaten with rice.

English Label...

Toro Tartare

Hamachi, Chu-Toro & Ikura

I also served other sashimi (raw fish) to make hand rolls and to eat just as sashimi :o)  Yellow Tail, Middle Grade Fatty Tuna & Salmon Eggs...

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  1. Wow how contemporarily exuberant!
    I am clueless about Japanese ingredients. I can just make out what you describe on the picture. I wish I know more but they're quite pricey too. Hmm. Awesome treat! And there's Tuna too! Am I invited?!?

  2. Looks great although I think I would still prefer sushi and sashimi.

  3. Pierre, it's always interesting to learn about new foods of different cultures. I'm clueless with a lot of other Asian cuisine such as Indonesian, Vietnamese & Thai that's why all the different blogs are so entertaining! Making stuff like this at home is way cheaper than eating out;o)

    Chopin, I agree, I prefer plain sushi & sashimi too. This is a little bit of a novelty item, I think if I make it again, I would just serve it as an appetizer with other food.

  4. I actually like your presentation more. I am a big guacamole fan but just cannot imagine it with this dish..

  5. HI Kay! Have you been to Santa Monica Sea Food? They sell tuna minced, I believe its frozen though- but last time I visited they encouraged me to use that for my spicy tuna rolls that I was going to make at home. This looks like a great meal though!

  6. love raw fish in all forms, I am just not able to prepare it at home. You did a wonderful job with yours!

  7. Just beautiful. Japanese food is so artistic aside from being delicious. Love the photos.

  8. Wow - your version is just as beautiful as his! I have - happily - buzzed this! Really incredible

  9. Wow! You made your version so beautifully! Although I don't know what's Toro Tartare(before you explained to me in your previous post) and had never seen this before. :)
    This is one of the reason why I love Japanese food- not only do they taste great, their presentations are so beautiful and artistic! ^.^

  10. Looks so pretty! What a great make at home of a restaurant fav!

  11. This looks fantastic Key...beautiful presentation and great photos..very tasty!!! Nicely done!!!!

  12. WOW, that is fabulous! You did such a beautiful job!

  13. Mmm! This is wonderful! I remember seeing this on The Best Thing I Ever Ate! My tummy is growling now :-( I need to find some toro! Are there Japanese markets where you don't need a membership? I'm only aware of one down here in OC, Marukai Markets, and you need a membership! Hmph.

  14. Oh my does this look fantastic!And your photography is gorgeous:)>

  15. Great photos!!!! I love tuna in all forms! This looks so tempting! Fantastic job!!!

  16. Love this dish. What a beautiful and classic meal. Great job on your version of this one.

  17. That chu-toro makes me insanely drool-y, let me tell you. And that tsukudani brings back great memories of my parents' Asian grocery when we lived in Arizona. I could eat loads of that over steamed rice - like I do furikake...

    Beautiful work on the toro-chopping, btw. That's one professional looking knockoff...

  18. Do you have source for the mini rice crackers? I can't seem to find them anywhere... any brand name I can lookup?