Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ground Beef & Chorizo Tacos + some huevos rancheros thrown in :o)

Ground Beef Tacos

As I was preparing this meal and writing this post I had a couple of thoughts in my head.  The first one was that I was spending A LOT of time preparing this meal.  At the over 2 hour mark I finally got tired of it and told Hubby I'd rather go out to eat and we should go out for Japanese/  His response was "Why?  We went to the grocery store, so you could make dinner."  But then he said "Whatever you want Babe!"...he's the best :o)  We ended up going to this great place near our house called Gonpachi.  It was going downhill for a while, but they got a new Chef and Management Team and now is really good, especially the quality of the sushi/sashimi.

It seems like so many blogs post meals that you can make in under an hour and then there is Rachael Ray with her 30 mins meals.  I'm not sure how it is done because almost all my meals take about 2 hours.  I was trying to figure out why it took me so long this dinner  and this is what I came up with...  I have a very small kitchen, I think most people would call it a Galley Kitchen since it's the size of what you'd find on a boat and it's very narrow, I don't even have a automatic dish washer...shocking!  So I have to clean as I cook otherwise I'd run out of space and I don't want the dishes to pile up too much.  

I first put the groceries away, but I'm very anal about the way I put stuff away which takes up extra time.   Then I made pico de gallo/salsa which I chop everything by hand, chopped up the rest of the ingredients for everything else and fried up tortillas to make chips.  I also had just bought 6 fresh ears of corn which I wanted to cook right away, so the flavor would be at it's peak, so I cut it all off the cob, sauteed it, portioned into baggies and froze it and then made corn cob stock with the rest of it.  I didn't even get to making the ground beef for the tacos or beans, but I did make same marinara sauce with the extra tomatoes I had leftover from the salsa...  Ok, now looking at my list, I guess I did do a lot, but should it have taken over 2 hours ;o)

My second thought as I was posting was I make really unhealthy  The chips are fried, I used Ground Beef & Chorizo, there's bacon in the beans and then  I use the bacon drippings to saute the rest of the stuff AND I fry the tortillas for the tacos.  It all tastes so good this way, but I do feel a little guilty after reading other blogs about healthier, cutting back calories & sodium reducing recipes ;o)  I guess the good thing is that I don't cook like this every night!

In a previous post I wrote about the techniques I use to make the Pico de Gallo/Salsa, Frijoles de Olla, Mexican Rice & Frying Tortillas...

Seasoning for Ground Beef...

It has:  A mix of Chile Powders, Paprika, Cumin, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Mex Oregano, Cayenne, Ajishio, Magic Dust, Prepared Mex Seasonings, Bay Leaf, & Masa flour to thicken...


I got this "bulk" Chorizo from Bristol Farms.  I usually get the kind that's in a tube and you can't tell what's in looks like every scrap that the processing plant could dig up was put into  I really like this one from Bristol Farms, it seemed a little healthier and had a nice texture to it.

Sauteeing Chorizo, Onions, Garlic, & Jalapeno

I first cooked the Chorizo, so I could use the oil from that to saute the onions, garlic & jalapeno with it.  

Ground Beef & Seasonings added...

Next I added the ground beef and cooked that until it was pink and then added the seasonings including the masa, a little water to keep the meat moist and a touch of bouillon paste. I would normally add some tomato sauce or chopped tomatoes, but I just threw in some salsa to the mix.   I cook it all down until the water evaporates.  Some oil may come out from the Chorizo & beef, so I use paper towels to soak that up.  

Served on lightly fried tortillas...

I like to fry the tortillas like I do with enchiladas, it has a little crispiness to it, but it's still pliable.  I then add the meat mixture and top it with cheese & beans so the warmth melts the cheese a bit then add lettuce, salsa, radish, onion, cilantro  & pickled jalapenos to it.

I also made Hatch Green Chile Rellenos w/Beefy Enchilada Sauce w/the leftover Beef/Chorizo Mix...

Huevos Rancheros

This normally would be breakfast the next day with the leftovers, but since I quit making the food the night before this turned out to be the 1st meal from the cooking process then the tacos were dinner the following night :o)  

This took about 1 1/2 hours to make because I made the meat mixture and I also made the Frijoles de Olla (Soupy Pinto Beans), fried the tortillas, fried the eggs and took pictures of the cooking process.  The good thing was I already had the mise en place ready to go...chopped onions, jalapeno etc.

Love the oozy egg!

Served on lightly fried tortillas topped w/ground beef mixture, beans, fried egg, onion, salsa etc.


  1. for the manual dishwashers and tiny kitchens!!!

    It all looks amazing and delicious, Kay. The pictures are gorgeous, and I want to eat ALL OF IT. :)

  2. Hmm. Odd.

    Well, insert "HIGH FIVE" before "for the manual dishwashers", and you'll have my original comment!

  3. What a great recipe, these look delicious!! :)

  4. You know, I just finished a blog post and I laughed when I read yours, because it often takes me about two hours to make a meal too--but it's because I'm taking pictures as I cook!

    Your pictures have so much clarity. They are amazingly good. I also like how you write the step-by-step directions under each picture. I just did this on my blog and I know it isn't a standard way to present a recipe, but it just felt right. It reads more like a journal, which is more natural, I think.

    Keep up the good work. Your blog is my favorite, and I'm adding a link to it on my blog page.


  5. Wow. You're actually lucky to have a galley kitchen if your meals take that long. Just think if you had something bigger and had to walk far from the counter to the sink to the fridge.

    The tacos and Huevos Rancheros are both perfect. Absolutely so.

  6. Great post! This recipe looks amazing! I love all the flavors - looks wonderful!

  7. Oh, everything looks amazing! My hubby always says, "Why go out? What you make is better". He is really understanding and there are some things i will NOT make, so we can go out for it!

  8. I think it's great that even though you don't cook like that every night, you do sometimes :)

  9. Sometimes it takes me 2 hours too... My mom used to spend about 2 hours to cook dinner. She starts standing in the kitchen at 4pm, and the dinner is around 6pm. Your theory could be right as Japanese kitchen doesn't have dish washer and we usually wash everything by hands, and I was the one who was responsible for cleaning (that was my "help" in the kitchen). What a great meal... 2 hours is worth it! You cook very "teinei". Did you know that? Maybe that's 2nd reason why it takes 2 hours. But from your pictures I can tell you are very detail in cooking too! Thanks for sharing yummy yummy dish!

  10. Great earthy spices and Chorizo too? I wouldn't need that extra ajinomoto. I love that jalapenos, makes my mouth waters.
    I think cooking can be a therapy, so the longer it is... the better you'd feel... well depending on your cooking mood.

  11. These fabulous tacos look worth the 2 hours preparation!!! Such fabulous flavors...I'm so glad you made these to share with us :)

  12. I love tacos! They are one of my most favorite meals and will be forever. Thanks for sharing your taco recipe with us...have a good weekend!

  13. Oh dear this is sooo mouthwatering..I love that it is spicy and colorful! really amazing looking tacos..

  14. Yes, I used to think that RR's 30 minute meals are not too realistic because it does not include the cleaning (rinsing), creating space for groceries etc we have to do. Well, I sure need a bigger kitchen like hers to freely do what I want, and a "sous chef" to pre-prep all the ingredients for me. Then all I have to do is just chop up carrot, celery, onions, then start to cook!

  15. Oh wow, your pictures are just stunning! And these tacos sounds really delicious - I wish I had them in front of me for dinner right now =)

  16. I love ground beef tacos, they're my favorite. I can't find them at most places though (unless at Taco Bell) so I usually end up making them at home. I will for sure being using the recipe. I love the addition of chorizo also

  17. Looks very delicious and beautiful!

  18. You're one lucky woman Kay! If it's me who spent 2HRS in the kitchen and suddenly tell my hubby that we just go out to have some sushi or whatever, I tell you, I'll be nagged at up-side-down! lol
    Frankly, from the pics, I can tell that your hubby loves you so much and both of you are the perfect couple! :D

    All your pics are making me hungry again! [Just finished my dinner! ;O] Esp your the oozy egg! BEST! I know what I want for breakfast tmr! ;)

    I don't find it shocking w/o any auto-dishwashers bcoz most of us don't have one at home here in SG, mostly own by drinks stall owners. lol

    I'm not very precise about the way I put my groceries but only when it comes to hanging dry the clothing! Hee ;P

    Hope you're enjoying your weekends to the fullest! ;)

  19. Oh it's been really long since I had ground beef taco! Maybe I will try this tomorrow :)

  20. I used to joke that at home my most used piece of kitchen equipment was the phone as after a full day in a kitchen at work I would not be in the mood. But I have started to love cooking at home again, the pace is so different. I can have my radio on with few distractions . Two hours to produce something you like is great and as nami said you are detail oriented.
    This looks like a great spread

  21. looks wonderfully delicious visiting from Nami's site lovely site

  22. Mmmmm this post is DELICIOUS! I know... I too feel a bit guilty when I post fried food and stuff like that... but we can't always post healthy recipe can we?? That would be boring! I love full flavours, just like the ones of this post! :-)) Well done Kay!

  23. Wow! I love the idea of this ground beef tacos. Looks enticing and sounds delectable.

  24. No wonder your husband said whatever you want babe, you cook up gourmet meals for him!! He's a smart one, he knows he needs to treat you right if he wants to keep on getting yummy meals like this! :)

  25. Shinae, high five back at ya! You always make me laugh :o)

    Thanks, Kelly!

    Alaiyo, I know what you mean...the picture taking really adds up the time too! Thanks for your sweet compliments! I write step-by-step directions and only list ingredients because I'm too lazy to figure out the exact ratio for a

    Mom Chef, my mom used to say the same thing about big'd have to take too many

    Thanks, Erin :o)

    Ann, I agree with you, some things are much better to eat out..either too much of a pain or just too hard to make! Sounds like you have a lucky husband!

    Thanks, Christine!

    Rosemary, sometimes we just gotta eat a little unhealthy;o)

    Nami, I was my mother's dishwasher too. She hated cleaning up, so I would have to! Thanks for noticing I'm neat and detailed ;o)

  26. Pierre, you are right, sometimes cooking can be therapeutic, but then sometimes it just takes too long, but it seems to always taste good at the end...well most of the time;o) I can't help but put ajinomoto (msg) into everything...

    Thank you so much Lizzie, Ravie, Claire, Sandra & Peggy:o)

    Tiger, yes, I think we all need a Sous Chef in the

    Claire, I think most people think Ground Beef Tacos are too Gringo and that's why it's hard to find in restaurants. The chorizo really adds some nice flavor to the tacos!

    Thanks, Eva!

    Lyn, I really am lucky to have such an understanding husband :o) I think it would be different if we had kids, it would be much harder to decide at the last minute to go You always make me laugh with your comments Lyn, thanks for always putting a smile on my face!

    Tes, sometimes it good to be retro and have ground beef tacos :o)

    Thanks, Mike! I'm not sure how you do all day at work and then coming home to cook again! Well, at least you get to eat the delicious meal at home :o) I usually have my iPod playing in my ear when I cook...Hubby says I'm starting to lose my hearing because I listen to it too

    Thanks, Torview, Nami has one of the best blogs!

    Thanks, Manu, sometimes we just have to be bad and cook a little unhealthy ;o)

    Thanks, myfudo :o)

    Lindsey, I really do have the best Hubby :o)

  27. Yeah Kay, it's definitely difficult and I used to hate the idea of dinning out when my gals were younger bcoz it's just so impossible for me to have a peaceful meal esp with Trinke. She's way too much attached to me just like the strongest superglue/magnet on earth! Always ended up with me losing all appetites and had already felt full with anger. Even now that both are already grown up, occasionally they'd misbehaved while eating out. Running all around as if their butts are full of thorns, refraining 'em from sticking onto the seats or rushing us to hurry finished up the food and go off immediately. Sigh...

    PS: I'm glad to know that I always make you smile. ;)