Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Favorite...Sweet Corn Soup made with Corn Cob Stock :o)

Sweet Corn Soup 

My favorite veggie is corn, especially during summertime when it's so sweet.  I can put it in just about anything, but poor Hubby gets a little tired of it. In Japan they have a dish called Corn Potage which is basically a creamy corn soup like tomato soup, but with corn.  It very smooth, rich, sweet and corny and reminds me of my childhood.  A few years ago I found a recipe by Wolfgang Puck for Corn Soup which I really loved.  It's a little chunky, but I loved it anyway :o)  This is a loose interpretation of his recipe.  I liked that he adds a jalapeno cream sauce to finish the soup off.

Fresh Corn...Yum!

To make this soup you really do need to use fresh corn, the fresher the better.  I got these at the weekly Farmer's Market in Carpinteria, CA.  Hubby usually goes with me to Farmer's Markets even though he hates "grocery" shopping, but he was at work, so I went by myself.  I really wish he was with me this trip, I ended up buying 12 ears of corn and boy were they heavy!

Making Creamed Corn

In Wolf's recipe he grates the corn whole to make the Creamed Corn.  Wow, what a mess doing it his way!  I think when the corn is so fresh the kernels pop and the juices go should have seen what my apron and counter top looked like doing it his way!  I figured out a way that's a little less messy...more work, but less messy...
  First, I cut the cobs in half, so it's easier to work with.  
  Second, I ran a knife through each individual kernel down the cob, so it wouldn't pop and gush all over.
  Third,  I grated the corn off the cob then ran the backside of the knife down the cob to get every 
     bit of juice possible :o)

I used 4 Ears of Corn for this part.

Fresh Corn off the Cob!

I also used whole kernel corn off the cob for this soup too.  I used another 4 ears for this part.  After cutting the kernels off, I again used the backside of the knife to get all the juices from the cob...

Creamed Corn

It looks so beautiful!!  Am I the only one that thinks this  It amazes me how much liquid goodness you get out of "just" corn!  I bet this would be delicious with just a little bit of butter and seasoning then I would eat it with rice ;o)

Corn Cob & Chicken Stock

I made chicken stock first.  I cooked the chicken bones for about 1 hour then added the corn cobs, celery, onion, carrot, bay leaf garlic etc. and cooked for another 45 mins. The cobs add another extra layer of corny flavor to the soup.  I learned this from my brother-in-law years ago...the one that actually used to be a cook at Wolfgang Puck's Spago.  Hmm, wonder why Wolf doesn't use the cobs to make the stock...

Sauteed Corn w/Cream & Hatch Chiles

I sauteed the whole kernel corn in bacon fat with salt & pepper then added my Hatch Chile mixture I've had from the past and then added only about 1/4 cup of heavy cream.

Post about Hatch Chile mixture...

Sauteed Onion, Red Onion, Celery, Garlic in Bacon Grease...

I first fried up the bacon then saved the grease to saute the veggies...  I didn't add bell peppers, I thought it would be too overpowering.

Sauteed Veggies, Corn & Bacon

Corn Masa Roux

I made a roux for the base of the soup to thicken it.  I used Corn Masa Flour & bacon fat to add another layer of corn & bacon flavor.

Adding Veggies & Stock...

After the roux was made I added the celery mixture then slowly incorporated the chicken/corn stock until the consistency I liked was reached then added everything else...whole corn mixture, creamed corn, bacon, a little milk and seasonings.

Garnished w/Corn, Roasted Jalapeno, Jalapeno Crema & Mex Seasonings :o)

For the Crema I whipped some Heavy Cream with the stick blender to a soft consistency then added sauteed jalapeno/garlic, sour cream, lemon juice, S&P.  The Mexican Seasoning is a Chile/Lime Mixture.


  1. Wow this looks absolutely delicious! I just found a recipe similar to this not too long ago that I've been saving to make :) Might have to do that tonight!!

  2. Looks wonderful! Love corn, so this would be good for my family. Thanks for sharing. It's a keeper.

  3. Your sweetcorn soup looks so delicious and so irresistible! I love corns so much when I was young but now, I'll just leave all the corns for my girls bcoz they're super big corn fans too! lol
    I cooked the creamy corn soup with chicken once (recipe adapted from one of the apps in iPhone) and all of us like it except my hubby. But now that I saw your sweetcorn soup, yours look so much more tastier and I really MUST TRY! I'm very sure my girls will love this more! :D

  4. Just reading the DETAILS of this recipe gives me a serious case of Diverticulosis!!! LOL Oh does it ever sound absolutely, positively delicious!!!!!

  5. Kay, that looks amazing, and I am not the biggest fan of corn soup, it reminds me of the canned creamed corn my Mom used to make us eat!

    Love the garnish too, beautiful pics as always!

  6. Wow this sound so good! I love sweet summer corn, and this just sounds like a perfect way to feature it!

  7. Wow that soup sounds amazing! I love anything with corn and green chiles. Lately I've been really into this corn lemongrass soup (lol it's one of those boxed soups), I should try making my own!

  8. This looks fantastic! It looks so creamy and flavorful. Yum!

  9. Such refined bowl of goodness there. I reckon it would make it easily in Puck's restaurant, with just a little fancy touch. The flavour is just amazing Kay!

  10. absolutely wonderful! i want a huge bowl pleaseee

  11. That looks amazing! My husband would eat corn with's his absolutely favorite!

  12. That looks delicious!

  13. That looks amazing, sis! And that stock photo is absolutely gorgeous....

  14. I love corn soup but I never actually spent that much time to make it. This one, OMG.... I think I need to bookmark it and cook it when Shen's not around for dinner. I would spend most of my time making this and it's going to be very simple dinner (maybe bread and soup).... I really want to try this soup. Corn Cob & Chicken Stock is amazing!!!

  15. Oh my goodness - this sounds outstanding! I love chunky textured soups, especially if that chunky texture is corn!

  16. Thanks Kelly, I love corn soup/chowder any way it's made. Hope you have a chance to make some :o)

    Thanks Christine!

    Too bad that your husband didn't like your corn soup :( It sounds so good with chicken too!
    \I'm sure if you make corn soup for him again, he will like it or maybe he just really doesn't like

    Thanks for your nice comment, Bama :o)

    Nancy, too funny about the canned creamed corn. My mom used to make corn soup with that and just milk, but I still like it that way sometimes for lunch, it's nostalgic ;o) Thanks for the compliments on my photos too!

    Thanks, Erin, I really can eat fresh corn any way!

  17. Lindsey, corn w/lemon grass sounds really good...who cares if it's boxed...sometimes convenience is good ;o)

    Thanks, Happy!

    Thanks, Pierre, it would be interesting to see what Wolf thinks of my interpretation ;o)

    Thanks for visiting my blog Rita :o)

    Ann, sounds like your husband and I think alike;o)

    Thanks, Rosemary & Eva :o)

    Shinae, I really liked that stock photo too, but Tastespotting rejected it for "composition"..I'm glad you liked it, see we always think alike ;o)

    Nami, sometimes going through the extra steps really makes a difference! I'm sure Shen would like it if you made it for him unless he doesn't like corn...

    Peggy, chunky textured corn...yum!

  18. yummy looking corn soup perfect for this season

  19. What a beautiful soup...perfection!

  20. did it again! What a great recipe and use of the wonderful veggie! Love it!!

  21. Thanks for the sweet comments, Torview, Magic & Sandra, it's much appreciated :o)

  22. We picked our first 3 ears of corn two days ago -- SO GOOD! And this recipe looks absolutely delicious.

  23. Daily, you are so lucky that you grow your own corn!! So jealous! I can only imagine how good that first ear tasted :o)