Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our New Orleans Trip Review, July 2011...Part 4...The End :o)

This is Part 4 of 4 of my series of reviews on our trip to New Orleans and the south.
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**Again I apologize for the quality of some of the photos.  They were taken with either an iPhone or  my Leica Point & Shoot w/out flash.**

Barbequed Shrimp

This really was a fun getaway and I enjoyed most all of the food.  You can never love everything that you eat. For our last dinner we went to Mr. B's.  It was convenient since it's located in the French Quarter and was walking distance from our hotel.  

Mr. B's is part of the Brennan Family restaurants and one of their most popular dish is the BBQ'd Shrimp.  I still can't figure out why they call it bbq because it has nothing to do with traditional bbq or sauce and it's not even grilled shrimp.  No matter what they call it, it's soooo good!  It's served with the heads on, so you can suck on them and get all the yummy flavor out of it. They also have the peels on them, so it does get a little messy eating them, but that's part of the fun! The sauce is basically a ton of butter w/W Sauce, Garlic & Seasonings.  They have the recipe on their website and I keep thinking I want to make it, but still haven't.  Maybe soon ;o)  One of the problems is it's hard to get live-head-on-shrimp around here.  At Mr. B's it comes with bread, but I also like to order grits to go with it.  I also had the gumbo, but it was just ok...


Shrimp & Grits

This was D's dish, I didn't get to try it, but it sure looked good with bacon wrapped shrimp!

Hot Buttered Pecan Pie

This was the best Pecan Pie ever!  It was the crust that made it so good.  It was so flaky!  I asked the waiter if it was made with shortening or butter and he had a big grin on his face and said it had a ton of butter in it...lol  If I could bake, I would definitely learn how to make this!

Soft Shell Crab Po-Boy

For our last breakfast/lunch we went to Johnny's Po-boy also located in the French Quarter.  Some people don't like the FQ saying it's too touristy, but it's such a convenient location because you can walk to so many places.  You just have to make sure to find a hotel that's not right smack on Bourbon St.

Half of this Po-Boy was good.  The crab on the other half didn't taste so fresh ;o(  Last time I had it I loved it, so ordered it again, but I probably should have gotten it with either shrimp or roast beef.  It was a little dry too.  I think it should have had mayo in it, after I finished it I spied another table with packets of mayo.


Shrimp Po-Boy

This was D & K's sandwich.  They said it was good, but a little dry like mine.

Last Gumbo of the Trip...

Luckily my last gumbo was really good!  I really do love gumbo :o)

Biscuit & Egg Sandwich

Hubby's Breakfast Sandwich.  He really liked it, look at that biscuit...how could he have not!

Muffuletta on the Plane...

Central Grocery is famous for their Muffuletta sandwich and their Olive Salad that's in it.  If they are open the day that we leave for home I like to pick it up and then eat the sandwich on the plane.  I can only wonder what the other passengers are thinking when they smell it...lol  Last time I bought 1 whole sandwich and hardly had any leftovers for the next day, so this time I bought 2! I put one in the suitcase ;o) I decided next time 1 1/2 sandwich would be the perfect portion.  I do share it with Hubby :o) The Muffuletta has Salami, Ham, Provolone, Mortadella & the Olive Salad. They are pre-made at the store, so the oil from the olive salad soaks the bread nicely.


w/Potato Chips...

Eating this on the plane beats any Fast Food you can pick up at the airport!  Sometimes I like to put potato chips in my sandwich.  I think Bobby Flay copied me with his Crunchburgers...lol

My Loot...

I got most of the stuff from Central Grocery.  You can pick up the Olive Salad to go. I know I've seen the Creole Mustard sold around here, but it's so hard to find.  I really loved the Creole Mustard Dressing at Galatoire's, but I tried to make it at home and it just didn't turn out the same :o(

Info about Olive Salad Delivery :o)

It's a little pricey AND you have to buy 4 at once, but at least you can get it shipped to you!

My Favorite...Cajun Dill Chips...

Everybody loves Zapp's in NOLA, my fav is the Cajun Dill flavor :o)

Better than Cafe du Monde ;o)

This coffee is really strong, but it's so good if you add 1/2 Whole Milk and make it an Au Lait...


I don't think I've really had Pralines before.  I loved this!  It was like eating pure sugar, but I just can't resist pecans.  I only bought 2 pieces...wish I got more!

Laura's Candies

This place was right across the street from our hotel, but we'd never gone in it before.  I will definitely be back to get more when I'm in New Orleans again.  They also will ship to you...


Thanks for reading my posts about our trip to New Orleans & the Florida Panhandle.  New Orleans is one of my favorite cities and I can talk about it forever, hope you all get a chance to go if you haven't already.


  1. So I'm in Korea, trying to unconvinced myself to buy a fried Chicken... you just made it impossible Kay!
    You certainly had the Creolicious joy of life! I wish I'll have the same too one day.

  2. I thought your photos were amazing and the food....*sigh* it looked delicious! I love the pecan pie! A good crust is a thing of beauty!

  3. I want that biscuit for breakfast. :)

  4. I agree I want that bisquit for breakfast too. Damm that looks so good! And I want the shrimp and grits!!! Love the idea of taking the muffaletta on the plane. Till I go there Bay Cities will have to do...

  5. Pierre,I'm very jealous of all that you are having all over Asia!

    Ann, thank you, it really is hard to find a good crusted pie ;o)

    Shinae, I bet you could make a really good biscuit!

    Lindsey, I love the Godmother at Bay Cities and have bought the giardinaire that they put in it to make sandwiches at home. You need to go to NOLA to eat all the great food ;o)

  6. I wish I had that soft shelled crab po boy right now!

  7. Kay, I'm so jealous of all these good foods that you'd had! lol
    My hubby also likes to have some potato chips in his sandwiches! At first I thot it's so weird to add 'em but after few persuasions, I tried and it's really good! Love the crunchiness! ;D
    I must really try cooking the Gumbo one of these days! All your trip's posts had 'em and they look so yummy to me! ;D

  8. I was thinking how many didshes/meals you had during this trip! I'm so envious Kayo!!!!! I will probably hide in your suitcase next time when you travel. ;-) Thank you for sharing all these food and pictures that I'm not familiar with. So much to learn about in southern food!

  9. What a great holiday for a foodie! I'm just drooling over that pecan pie....mmmmmmm.

  10. Rosemary, I wish I could duplicate the po-boy, but it's just not the same without that NOLA bread!

    Lyn, I think I would like to meet your hubby, it seems we have the same tastes...potato chips in sandwiches & I would love to try that shrimp fishing and then grill it fresh right afterwards :o) And thanks always for your sweet comments!

    Nami, I ate way too much food on this trip. I always try to fit in too much, my eys are bigger than my stomach...lol

    Lizzy, I'm not much of a dessert person, but that pecan pie was perfection ;o)

  11. Even with your iPhone and point-and-shoot camera, your food photos are stunning. I'm from the Gulf Coast (Mobile, Ala.) and I know from many trips to N.O. how good the food is there--anywhere down there.

    My mouth is watering for a shrimp Po-boy. And the shrimp and grits looked divine!


  12. Thank you for the sweet compliment, Alaiyo :o) You are so lucky that you got to eat a ton of good food in the south! I bet you miss that food...

  13. Sure Kay! Hope we have the chance to meet one another and I'd LOVE to! ;D

    Shrimp fishing is a fun experience and you'll feel so happy and excited whenever you'd caught one! *WARNING: That could be very addictive! My hubby is one very gd example! lol
    But now we seldom go anymore as I feel that in long term, it's a quite exp hobby (SG$15/hr OR SG$30-3hrs), not only that, we'd had too much shrimps 'til so sick of it! Since then, we just gave away to other people. It tastes nice when BBQ on the spot but not as tasty when bring home to cook except Tempura. My parents, esp my dad DON'T eat any of 'em when I cooked bcoz he don't fancy freshwater shrimps at all and would keep nagging... you know Dads.... lol

  14. the photos are wonderful! I'm so glad you took them everything looks great. I really need to go to New Orleans soon! it looks like so much fun. Seafood and gumbo. Yum

  15. Thanks, Kimberly! I really do love going to New Orleans, the food can't be beat :o)