Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easy Shishito Peppers

I really like Shishito Peppers.  They are Japanese mild peppers that look like they would be spicy, but they are mild.  Every once in a while you get one that is blazing hot, but you can't tell until you bite into it;o) You eat the skin and seeds, but not the stems. I love to have this at Izakaya (Japanese Style Pubs) or Yakitori/Robatayaki (Grilled Skewered Places) Restaurants.  They usually grill them and they get nicely charred & blistered and have an essence of the charcoal.  I figured out a super easy way to make these at home.  They don't have the nice smokiness like the restaurant, but they turn out pretty tasty!

I make these in the Toaster Oven.  These are coated in a little bit of Rice Bran Oil w/some salt sprinkled on top.  I then put them in the toaster at 425 degrees for about 5 mins, turning them midway.  I then put it on the toaster setting and bake them until they have a nice char to it, maybe another 5 mins or less.  It depends on how much you want them cooked. I don't like them to have a raw crunch...

Shishito Peppers

I sprinkled some Katusobushi (Bonito Flakes), Soy Sauce & Ponzu on it.  I served this with a Teriyaki Chicken Bowl that I made with leftover chicken from a previous night, salad with Japanese Onion Dressing (also made a previous night) & Kimchi.  It was a very easy meal to make;o)


  1. My mom and dad grow these in their garden so we usually have them at Sunday night dinner. We call them "hot, not hot" peppers because you never know when one of the hot ones will sneak up on you. We keep the stems in different piles on our plates so we can keep score of how many hot ones everyone got at the end of the night.

  2. Janice, you are so lucky that you get these fresh off the vine! That's too funny about keeping the stems in different piles...the games we come up How do you guys cook them?