Monday, May 2, 2011

Lunch Yesterday - Sashimi Rice Bowl made w/Leftovers

We had a lot of leftover Sashimi from our feast from the night before. Obviously, raw fish is something that doesn't keep for very long, so I made a Sashimi Bowl with the Toro (Fatty Tuna), Hamachi (Yellowtail), & Crab.  I saved the Salmon and froze it to make something else with it later.  

Post of the Sushi/Sashimi Feast...

Sort of a Negitoro Don

Negitoro is supposed to be Toro with chopped Negi (Green Onion) flavored with Soy Sauce.  At sushi restaurants they would use the scraps of the Toro that they weren't able to serve as Sushi or Sashimi because of the size or irregular shape.  I think nowadays, they probably also use just regular Maguro (Tuna) for this. 

I took the Soy Sauce Mixture that was used for the Hamachi and added more Green Onion and Wasabi.   The original sauce had:  Soy Sauce, Green Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Jalapeno, & Ponzu (Citrus).  I chopped the Hamachi & Toro into small bite size pieces and put it in the sauce for about 5 mins before putting it on the Sushi Rice.  I put the crab in the middle and drizzled a little sauce on it.  They sell Nori (Seaweed) sliced up like this, but I didn't have the packaged stuff, so I just cut nori squares with scissors :o)

This is a very easy meal to make with leftover Sashimi!  The middle is crab and the pink on the left is ginger.

Inari Sushi

The outer part of the Inari is Fried Tofu Skin flavored with a Soy Sauce mixture with sugar.  I just buy pre-packaged stuff that is already seasoned and is in a plastic pouch that you boil.  I've tried making it by scratch, they sell the fried tofu pockets that aren't flavored.  The pre-packaged ones don't taste too bad and it's much more convenient!  Some packages even come with a packet of dry vinegar mix that you mix with hot rice and you can make instant sushi rice!  I had the freshly made sushi rice from the night before;o)  This is another dish that children love! We used to call them Oinari-san, but Japanese-Americans nicknamed these It's a very easy side dish to make!

Tamago (Sweet Egg Omelette)


  1. wow these photos look really delicious, I love the last one, i have never tasted it yet...I wanna do it soon, thank you so much...