Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breakfast Today...Fried Duck Eggs :o)

Duck Egg Breakfast

I went back to the awesome Butcherettes' store near me, Lindy & Grundy, and this time they had Duck Eggs!  I've only had them at restaurants before, so was so excited to find that they sold them. I know some Farmer's Markets around here sell it, but have never seen them.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them, I just knew that I wanted it :o)  

I stocked up on other stuff from L&G too...2 whole chickens (the type that are under 3 lbs, not the monster 5 lbrs that you find at the grocery), 6 legs/thighs, 2 huge pork chops & a flank steak.  Yes, I will be freezing most of the stuff.  I know it's better fresh, but I get uncomfortable when my freezer gets too


Since I read that the shells were a little harder than chicken ones, I cracked it into a bowl first.  The yolk is such a gorgeous yellow!

Fried Egg

I didn't want to make the egg over-easy because I was afraid that I might break the yolk.  I cooked it in a cast iron skillet with butter at med-hi heat and just seasoned it with salt, pepper & aji-shio then added a little water then covered it, turned off the heat and cooked until it was done.

With Toast for Hubby...

Look how tall the egg yolk is!  I love it!!  I should have picked up bacon at L&G too, but I wasn't planning on making breakfast :o(  I just had deli ham, so fried that up...  I also was low on bread, so hubby had two types of  One Japanese & One American.

With Rice for Me...

My favorite way to eat fried egg is with rice & soy sauce!  I cut it up and then mix it all together...yum!

Runny Yolk...

Look how much yolk there is in just one egg!  I know, I'm a pig, I ate 2  The duck egg yolk had a much richer taste than a chicken egg and the white is also firmer.


  1. Wow, duck egg, what a treat!! I've never seen duck eggs here unfortunately...:(. The runny yolk is sooo tempting...:D)!!

  2. great clicks!!!!
    i never tried duck eggs! should give a try!
    Happy Blogging!!!!
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  3. Duck eggs never crossed my mind- never see them, but this delicious post has me wonder how I can get my hands on a few. Great post.

  4. I love semi-runny yolks with bread, melted sliced cheese (by the egg just outta the frying pan!) topped with pepper, mayo and chilli sauce! I named it the Asian Burger! LOL
    When young, my mom always fried eggs for us to go with bread, topped with dark soya sauce and that's the most delicious breakfast! After she started working, we would fried it ourselves and my brother fried the most beautiful sunny side-ups even till now!:D I feel like eating it now! xD

  5. I'd love to try duck eggs. Look at large egg yolk. I don't think I have ever tried duck eggs. Do you think this butcher's eggs are safe enough to eat as raw? I miss using raw eggs for Japanese food... I wonder where I can find super fresh eggs.

  6. What a perfectly cooked egg! We don't ever get duck eggs, but I am sure my husband would love to try it if I could find them! Your pictures are amazing!

  7. Thanks, CG! Duck eggs are hard to get here too, you should definitely try it if you can find a place that has them :o)

    DD, you are so cute with your comment :o) Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Tina, thank you, I heard that duck eggs are great for baking too!

  8. Lyn, your Asian Burger sounds great, yum chili sauce! I've put Tabasco on my eggs, but I will have to try Chili Sauce too!

    Nami, I bet it would be easy for you to get duck egg in your area! You guys have so much farm fresh stuff, maybe at the Ferry Building! I didn't even think if it was safe to eat it in I'm going to and didn't think it would be I was planning to eat it as Tamago-Kake Gohan tomorrow :o) The yolk is rich and good. The white maybe a little thick, so I probably will only use a little of that. Some restaurants around here that serve sukiyaki won't serve it with raw egg. How can you eat it without it;o) But with your kids, you do need to be more careful with stuff like that...

  9. Thank you, Erin! It would be worth it if you could find it in your area :o)

  10. oh man, I LOVE duck eggs! : ) I wish a local store in my area would carry them....But I can suffice.

  11. Uuu jealous that you've got duck eggs. I haven't used it since I stepped on a hotel kitchen 7 years ago..:(

  12. Hi Kay! You should try it! It's nice! For me at least.... LOL

  13. Oh look at that yolk! It looks soooo big and delicious! I have never eaten duck eggs before, but looking at your pictures made me wish I could have one right now!!!

  14. You're making my mouth water with that gorgeous egg. I've never had duck eggs, but have turkey eggs in my fridge right now. They're huge, but wonderful.

  15. Thanks Eat Drink:-)

    Hey, PFx, what would you do with it at the hotel?

    Thanks, Manu, the yolk is always my fav part too:-)

    Mom Chef, isn't it unny how we both see food as it! Now I've never seen a turkey egg. Lucky you!! What will you be doing with it?

  16. I tried some duck eggs but found them to be tough chewing. I made it sunny side up and couldn't stomach the texture. Did this happen to you or is it just a rare occurrence?

  17. HerOwn, thanks for visiting my blog :o) The whites were a little firmer, but not overbearing. I wonder if yours was an older egg or something...