Thursday, June 30, 2011

Watching the Sunset on the Beach w/Retro Clam Dip Part 1

Retro Clam Dip

**Watching the Sunset on the Beach w/Smoked Salmon Pizza Part 2...Linked...**

I wanted to thank everybody for all the nice comments from my last post regarding my poor treatment on Chowhound.  You all really made me feel so much better!!  I knew that my blogger friends would be there and be supportive about this for you guys :o)

Hubby gets recommendations about food from a site called Zite.  When he finds one that sounds interesting to either me or him, he forwards it to me.  This time he sent me a Clam Dip  When's the last time that you actually had Clam Dip?  In the '70's?  I don't even think I've actually had Clam Dip before. Hubby said he used to buy the pre-made ones from the grocery store...ugh...  It never interested me and I just had an image of bad food at parties way back when.  But now, I love retro food!!  It's been a while since I made fondue, but I just love stuff like that!  I was very intrigued by this recipe and when I saw the photo that was on the website it clinched it for  It looks like the photo was from Sunset Magazine or Betty Crocker;o) 

I mentioned before that we are very fortunate because Hubby's parents have a place on the beach in Carpinteria, CA, it's about 20 mins south of Santa Barbara.  Even luckier for us is that noone in his family lives nearby, so we get access to it the most of the time.  My favorite time on the beach is watching the sunset.  Our ritual is to have cocktails and some sort of appetizer when we are out there.  Our first toast is always to Mom & Dad :o)  Hubby thought that the Clam Dip would be perfect for our sunset cocktail hour and it was!

I followed most of the recipe, but of course changed up some of it.  I added:  Smoked Clams, Onion, Garlic, Cream Cheese & Hot Sauce.  I also am not that green, so I used store bought mayo unlike the recipe says and did not use everything organic;o)

Fresh Just Picked from the Farm Garlic from Bakersfield, CA

One downside to the beach place is that there are often renters there.  For the most part, they are nice, but we've run across some doozys!  This time we were very fortunate to meet some farmers.  They gave me fresh garlic that they had just pulled that morning!  Can you get any fresher than that!!  Am I the only one that gets giddy and excited about stuff like this:o)  I had planned to make the Clam Dip early on and getting this garlic was perfect timing!

See how beautiful and white the garlic  is...


I may be the only one that appreciates pictures of beautiful garlic;o)

Sauteing Garlic & Onions w/salt & pepper

Can't you just smell the aroma of the garlic ;o)

Smoked Clams

I chopped up some and added it to the dip.  I didn't put too much in it because I didn't want the smokiness to over power the dip.  I also garnished the dip with a few whole ones.

Canned Clams, Bacon, Sauted Onion & Garlic, & Green Onions

I wanted to use fresh clams, but the ones at the grocery store didn't look that great.  Also, if I had used fresh ones this would have turned into a mighty expensive dip;o)  I also saved the drained clam juice and froze it for later use.  I used a little of the clam juice to loosen up the cream cheese and to add more claminess to the dip.

Yum...served it w/just Potato Chips

I think it would go well with crudites too or just about anything that you use Onion Dip for... I really liked this recipe and would make it again!

Caipirinhas & Smoked Salmon Pizza

Who doesn't like sunset time on the beach, right?  Hubby made us Caipirinhas, a cocktail from Brazil.  I think we need to work on the recipe a little more, it's such a simple one too!  It's just Cachaca, Lime & Sugar all muddled together, I think key is to get the right proportions and the right amount of sugar in it.  I also made Wolfgang Puck Style Pizza that I will write about in my next post :o)


  1. I think I am actually a housewife from the 70s/80s... Cause I love me some crockpot dishes, tupperare and clam dip. LOL Or maybe Hawaii tastes were behind the times and thats what I grew up on. We used to make clam dip ALL the time in college. Love your beach pics- have a great long weekend Kay!

  2. Never heard or tried clam dip! But I love clams! The garlic is so beautiful - never seen that white garlic. Must be very good fragrance. I can't wait to see your recipe for the pizza. My kids would be so happy if they have a beach house... It's sweet that you two toast for mom and dad. :-) Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!!

  3. How beautiful!! I want to sit on the beach with a cocktail and sunset and eat this!

  4. Picture no 7. That's like an all-star concert lining to the greatest song in the world. Anything you'd throw in it, it would just hum in sweet sweet loving tune.
    I wish they have a decent clams in NZ, let alone a smoked clam.
    Honestly, I am truly envious of the beach. I grew up on the beach every weekend and wanna die slowly in the beach. One day... one day... Hahaha

  5. I remember clam dip and liked it but your recipe takes it up to a new level. Very nice. I'll try this.

  6. Lindsey, you are so funny! I love all that you mentioned too, but I could even be the '50's housewife with martini in hand when Hubby gets home from work;o)Hope you have a fun 4th of July weekend too:o)

    Nami, yeah, Clam Dip is a little odd, but it was really good! Can't wait to finally meet you too :o)

    Erin, thank you, see everybody loves sunset on the beach;o)

    Pierre, I love your style of writing! I really liked the photo of the ingredients too, something about the color of the bowl and the rest of the stuff just really pops;o) You are basically on an island now, you have beaches all around

    Rosemary, let me know how it turns out if you do end up making it :o) I think it's the smoked clams and the clam juice that brings it up a notch!

  7. I have never had clam dip before, but it looks yummy! You are so lucky... I wish a could have a cocktail and food on the beach too!!! So romantic! :-)))))

  8. Hi Kay! Me TOO had never heard or seen the clam dip but it does looks yummmy! (I LOVE CHEESE!!! as always...LOL) :D
    I'll be like you, getting excited if some farmers(I don't think I;ll ever meet one here!)give me some freshly plucked! Those garlic really looks beautifully white!
    Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy the beautiful sunset by the beach when I gets old coz my hubby keeps telling me that in future when our girls have their own family, the both of us shall just live a relaxing, simple life maybe in Malaysia(actually I don't quite like the idea of living there coz I'm so used to living in my own country my entire life! But who knows...) LOL

  9. I've never had clam dip so thanks for introducing me to it. How nice of those people to give you the garlic! Bet it tasted even nicer so fresh.

  10. Mmm this claim looks delicious, I'll definitely be trying this soon! Love your blog and so glad to be your newest follower :) Feel free to stop by mine and check out my first giveaway!

  11. Lovely clam dip! I've never had that actually, having been born on the reverse side of the planet. The pizza looks so, so, so good.

  12. I totally appreciate the garlic picture :) Wish I could smell it through my screen. Well done! Buzzed

  13. Bravo on the clam dip. I love the garlic and definitely felt a stab of envy about the fact that you got some fresh picked! How incredibly lucky.

    The clam dip looks perfect. It goes very well with that sunset. Wow.

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  15. Hey! I just saw those glasses at Cost Plus this weekend. Super cute! And the garlic is indeed beautiful. I love that you guys have cocktails and appies on the beach. What a lovely way to spend an evening.

    And the pics just keep getting better, Kay. Keep 'em coming!

    P.S. You're not the only one who doesn't go out of her way to do organic. ;)

  16. That looks like the PERFECT appetizer for the beach. That dip looks like it would disappear real fast in my house! Nice one!

  17. Looks awesome..I love your pictures especially that last one..wonderful!

  18. Hi Kayo, it was a pleasure meeting you and the hubby. It was a blast having dinner with you and I am just a bit disappointed you didn't bring any leftover clam dip to SF.. LOL

  19. Manu, yes, I am very lucky :o) Hope that you try making the clam dip some day!

    Lyn, I'm glad you get as excited as me about fresh garlic! It's always nice to think about retirement;o)

    Thanks, Hester! It really is the small acts of kindness by others that puts a big smile on my face :o)

    Thank you, Kelly :o)

    Thanks, Adora, yes it seems like many people have not tried Clam Dip;o)

  20. Thanks, Parsley! That's why I like food bloggers so much, they like fresh garlic as much as me :o)

    Thanks, Mom Chef, yes, sunset + cocktails + appies = Perfect Romantic Time :o)

    Thanks, Shinae! I love getting glasses at CostPlus & Crate & Barrel ;o) Thanks about the pics, I'm trying! Although both TS & FG rejected for composition & harsh lighting...whatever;o)

    Thanks, Jeff, yes Clam Dip was perfect for the beach :o)

    Thanks, Sandra :o)

    Shen, it really was wonderful meeting both you and Nami! Can't wait to see you again soon :o)

  21. Fresh garlic is amazing! I have leftover clam juice in my pantry (clam chowder) and am excited for a lighter way to use it! Have you ever embraced garlic scapes?!? They make the ultimate pesto!

  22. Healthnut, I keep hearing about scapes, but have never tried it. I think it's pretty easy to lighten up this clam dip even more!

    Thanks, Joy, I will be writing about the pizza soon :o)