Thursday, June 23, 2011

My second time making Pesto...

Ricotta/Yogurt Pesto & Spaghetti w/Potatoes & Green Beans

Not to bore you all, but here is my update on "moving" my blog.  First, I need to thank Nami's husband for giving me some great pointers...thanks Shen!!  Even after waiting a week for my new domain to kick in at  Wordpress, nothing happened!  So, I registered at GoDaddy a new name and that kicked in immediately!  The day after that I finally heard from Wordpress and the good thing was that they refunded my money :o)  Then they accused me of registering elsewhere and that's why they couldn't register my domain, ha!, I told them that the reason I registered somewhere else is because they didn't do anything for over a week!!  For now, I'm going to stay put here at blogspot and go slowly and decide where my new "home" will be.  I also looked into TypePad and will look into Yahoo Small Business. I may just stay with Blogger, but just use my .com name with it.  I know some of my terms may be wrong, I thought I had things to learn about blogging, but moving my blog is even harder...I have so much more to learn, my head is

On to the food :o)  I don't really like pesto and I never really have.  I like Basil, Pine Nuts, Parm Cheese, Olive Oil & Garlic...all the components to the pesto, but for some reason I don't really like it all combined.  Hubby has always asked me why I don't like it and maybe I should try making it.  I did try making it years ago and thought it was just okay.  A girlfriend of mine recently gave me a beautiful basil plant (thanks Kris!!) and so I thought it was time again to try to make pesto.

I'd been contemplating making pesto for about a month and then I saw an episode of Tyler Florence's Tyler's Ultimate show where they featured a Pesto dish.  It was actually a Lasagna show and featured a man that had a Basil farm and he made Lasagna Pesto out of it.  What intrigued me was that he put both ricotta & yogurt into the Pesto to make it creamier and then he layered his no-bake lasagna w/the pesto, potatoes & green beans.  I thought it would be easier to make spaghetti out of it;o)

My Beautiful Basil Plant

It got a little leggy, I should have cut it back some, but lately I've been VERY lazy with plants, I usually kill them by not watering  At least I did water my basil and it is still thriving;o)

"Toasting" the Pine Nuts

I read that toasting the pine nuts would give it a nice roasted flavor to it.

My Beautiful New Red Le Creuset Mortar & Pestle

In the Lasagna Pesto episode it said how much pesto would taste better if you made it in a mortar and pestle. Since my old one broke years ago I decided to get a new one, I love red and I love Le Creuset, so that's how I picked this one.  Well, it turns out either this one is too small or I just don't have the strength to crush the basil because I gave up making the Pesto in the Mortar and instead used my Immersion Blender to mix everything  After mixing up the base, I put it back into the mortar to finish it off.

The order would have been:  Crush Garlic & Salt; Pound/Crush Basil; Crush Pine Nuts then add Olive Oil & Pepper

The picture is with all the above ingredients blended together...

Adding Parmesan

Adding Greek Yogurt & Ricotta Cheese

Garnished w/Pecorino Romano, Green Beans, Fingerling Potatoes & Pine Nuts

I blanched the Green Beans and Boiled the Fingerling Potatoes and cut them into strips and then tossed it with the spaghetti & pesto with a little of the pasta water.  I added Romano Cheese for saltiness and whole Pine Nuts for extra nuttiness.

The final verdict about Pesto...this one was better than most that I have tasted, but I'm still not a fan.  I also didn't really care for the potatoes in it, too starchy.  I still can't pinpoint why I don't like it.  Good thing was that Hubby loved it :o)


  1. Looks so pretty and delicious!! I've never made pesto even though I could save basil by making it. I should keep this recipe so next time it won't go waste! Beautiful pictures, even the step by step!!

  2. Aww Nami and her husband are the best. LOL when I get the courage and time to make the move they will be on my list to call. LOL I love the idea of adding ricotta and yogurt to the pesto. I'm jealous of your Le Cruseut mortar and pestle, I've been looking for a brand that I want to go with. Sounds like you love yours!

  3. Looks delish and Beautiful Basil Plant indeed! :D
    Me too have never make pesto before, in fact I don't even know what's that! LOL :P
    I may try this one day but I need to let the girls try out the taste of basil 1st coz I'm afraid they might not like or not used to the taste, even myself too coz we seldom/never use so much of basil in our dishes. We do like the rest of the ingredients though.. :)
    Your photos are getting better and better each time Kay! Great job! ^.^

  4. Guess what I'm back! I opened your blog in my iPhone while eating lunch with the kids. I totally missed the first paragraph! I'm so sorry! You mentioned my husband! LOL. Thank you, and I have to send this link to him. :-) He was happy to help you, even it wasn't that much. And hey Lindsey, thanks for kind words! It's a lot easier to type on the computer... I tend to write too much, but one last thing, I love your new Le Creuset mortar & pestle! It's shining! Beautiful pictures made me hungry again.

  5. Hi Kay, It was a pleasure being able to provide some IT support :)

  6. Nami, thank you always for the nice compliments. I always end up throwing 'lots of basil too since you don't use much in most dishes. Maybe that's why someone came up with Pesto, to use up the Shen was tons of help, it was very sweet of you tell him of my problems and then for him to take time to help me, you two are just the best!!

    Shen, you are better than regular IT support!! Thank you so much, you may have to start a side business to help food bloggers out:o)

  7. Lindsey, yes, Shen & Nami are the sweetest people:o) I think next time I'd put more ricotta & yogurt in the pesto, I may like it better creamer. I love the mortar and pestle because it's so pretty, but not so much for making I'll have to use it to grind spices or something like that. I used to use my old one to make salad dressing in, maybe I need to do that again!

    Thanks, Lyn about my photos, I'm trying;o) I have a feeling that your kids may not like pesto, especially if they haven't had basil. But if you can find the ingredients, it's pretty easy to make! People use it for other stuff like on pizza or whatever. Maybe I just need to keep trying it more. You can also make it with other greens such as arugula, kale etc.

  8. Woah nice basil plant!! I've been having trouble with mine this year. I've been dreaming of a good pesto!

  9. I love pesto - but I do a mixture of greens to get my husband to eat it. I use 1/3 of each - basil, parsley, and spinach. Much more mild! Good luck with moving your blog - can't imagine thinking about that right now!

  10. I have never tried pesto. Not sure why though. This one looks incredible though so I think I need to add it to the list of things to make. I love basil so hopefully I will like this.

  11. Hi Leanna, thanks, I've been lucky with the basil this year:o)

    Erin, the mix of the different sounds really good! Someone else mentioned making it with butter, cream & sausage, I'm intrigued by that recipe too. Thanks for wishing me luck on the "move"!

    Kim, the good thing about pesto is that it's pretty easy to make if you use an immersion blender or food processor :o)

  12. I am a big fan of pesto and make it regularly at home (I guess all Italians do hehehehe). I had never heard of adding yoghurt to it though. I often add green beans and potatoes to it too as I love the crunch of the beans and the colour of potatoes with the green sauce! :-)))) Have your tried adding pecorino cheese instead of parmigiano? We usually do and it does taste much better with it (it has an extra kick).

  13. Thank you so much for your suggestion Kay! Maybe I can try introducing it to them bit by bit first :)
    I think your photos are very good already! You're too humble :D
    Yes! I agreed with you that Nami's husband, Shen can consider the side line you suggested and I'm sure he'll have lots of business huh! Mostly from the 2 of us? LOL :P

  14. Very envious of that lovely pestle and mortar, Kay. Well done on making your own pesto. I think I would take your advice and probably leave out the potatoes too - as you say, too much starch. Delicious looking photos.

  15. Unconventional and delicious looking pesto, Bombay! Do keep us posted on your migration to WP. Blogger is making me batty with these line break issues for which I cannot seem to find a reliable fix. :(

  16. wow!looks awesome!! I will give a try nxt time!!!:)

  17. We successfully grew basil this year, and I can't wait to make some pesto with it - this recipe sounds so interesting and will be high on my list to try =)

  18. WOW this looks so good! I like the way you did very home style!

    We just started following your blog!! Saw you on food gawker! Cannot wait for more recipes!


  19. Congrats on your own sweet of Shen to help you out..aren't two of them the best, sweet sweet people!
    Your pasta with pesto look fantastic...I am always for pasta dishes and yours might be on top of my list :)) Great mouthwatering pics!:)

  20. hey, wow, you have your own domain now!!! And it looks class! the pesto and pasta are looking so yummy...I can't resist this one!

  21. I love pesto. It is a great way to use the herbs you have in your garden.

  22. Manu, I used Pecorino to to finish it off, but not actually in the Pesto. I will try that next time. It sounds like there are many recipes of Pesto, I think I just need to try the variety :o)

    Thank you, Hester, the mortar and pestle may be more for display now;o)

    Thanks, Shinae, there's just so much to blogging that takes up We'll see where my blog ends up!

    Thanks, DD!

    Peggy, it seems that basil is pretty easy to grow as long as you tend to it;o) Hope you do try this unconventional way of making pesto!

    Thanks A&T, thanks for letting me know where you found me :o) I will be checking out your blog soon!

    Thanks, Sandra!

    Thanks, Purabi!

    Veronica, yes a great way to use up herbs especially since you can use just about anything green in pesto!

  23. I love your photos - I think you have a really good eye and I hope that you continue sharing them with us on Chowhound.

  24. Thank you so much ursy!! You are very sweet!! But I'm done with the WFD thread, it's just not worth it for me.

  25. Great job on your pesto there. I do it relatively often at home and I always use a blender....