Monday, June 27, 2011

Chinese Paper Wrapped Chicken made Japanese Style w/Teriyaki Sauce :o)

Paper Wrapped Chicken

First, I want to start out by saying a big THANK YOU to my new blogger friends and to the blogger community. You've all been so supportive and kind with my blog, especially the people from Foodbuzz:o)  I say this because I had the worst encounter with the Chowhound community this past weekend.  If you are not familiar with Chowhound, it is a great website for researching restaurants in all areas of the world and they also have a Home Cooking board.  I've been posting on the Los Angeles board for over 8 years now and just recently started posting on the cooking board and felt like I got bashed (or was it flaming;o) on there this weekend.  I won't go into minute details, but basically I was told I post too many pictures, I clog/clutter their site with too many responses, my posts aren't that interesting, my photos are too food porny and then I apologize for what  I've done (which wasn't really wrong) and that is taken as sarcasm and when I say I will stop posting I am compared to a child stomping off with their ball on a playground!  Can I be insulted  I was very hurt at the time, but can laugh at it now, it's sad to me that grown adults (catty women;o) can treat others this way. I guess I'm a little too sensitive about criticism (which my brother always reminds me) and this took up too much of my time over the weekend, but come on, this is the first time I've been treated so poorly in real life or virtual life.  I have the type of life with very little drama in it, I'm very fortunate this way;o) I also can get along with most anybody and can quickly make friends.  The initial complaint wasn't just against me, there were a few of us that started to post more pictures then in the past and that is what started the negativity.  The plus side was there were only a few people that were complaining about me and of course they are the most vocal and I did hear from many that were on my side, but I am done with that thread.  Ok, I am done with my rant:o) Poor Hubby, he had to listen to my rant all weekend!  Of course his advice was to stop reading the thread, but I couldn't help it, you have to slow down and watch the car Going through this really made me appreciate the blogging community, so thanks, everyone!!

On to the food...  One of the first people I made friends with in the Blogging World is Lyn.  She is just the sweetest lady and was so friendly and supportive from just about day 1!  I think we clicked so quickly  because her birthday is only 5 days after mine (but many, many, many years after mine;o) which makes us both Virgos.  She lives in Singapore with her family where Hubby & I had part of our honeymoon 10 years ago.  She makes the cutest bentos for her two little girls.  I got the inspiration and method of making the Paper Wrapped Chicken from Lyn's blog. Please check it out, she recently updated it...

I did change the recipe a bit, like I always do;o)  This is traditionally a Chinese dish.  I'd never heard about it until I saw it on Lyn's blog.  I guess many Chinese restaurants serve it, but I'd never seen it on a menu. The chicken is wrapped up in parchment paper and then deep fried.  This method slightly carmelizes the chicken and keeps it super moist.  I made it with Teriyaki Sauce instead of the Chinese marinade and I used boneless thigh instead of wings like Lyn used.

Boneless Chicken Thigh
After marinating for over an hour...
This previous post lists the ingredients of my Teriyaki Sauce...

The parchment paper is a square piece.  I may have made mine a little too big.  First step is you make a triangle out of it...

Second step is you fold in both sides, so it looks like an envelope...
Last step is you fold the "flap" of the envelope down and tuck it underneath the folded 2 sides (does this make, so it turns into a nice sealed bundle.  Lyn said to make sure it is tightly sealed, so the oil doesn't seep in while frying...mine leaked...oh well;o)

Frying in Med High Heat...
I turned it over and over while it fried.  The paper poofs up a little, so I had to hold the chicken down.  First batch I fried a little too long..about 10 mins and it got charred on the edges, but it still tasted good.  Second batch was better at 6 mins.  I think you are supposed to go by the color of the paper, but it's more about you learn as you make it;o)

This is the one that I fried for about 10 mins, see how charred the paper got and you can see how the oil seeped in. Next time I will make smaller packets and try to make it tighter.  I also will fry for only about 6 mins.  I'm sure if you use bone-in chicken, it will take longer.

Chinese Paper Wrapped Chicken made Japanese Style w/Teriyaki Sauce

I served this with blanched Broccolini, Rice w/Furikake (Seafood & Bonito Flavoring) and homemade Kimchi...I can eat Kimchi with just about everything!  The chicken came out super moist and flavorful, but I need to make this a couple more times to perfect it ;o)


  1. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience. I find it's so easy for people to sit on the computers and anonymously bash people on forums and the like. I wouldn't take it to heart. There's always a few bad apples in every bushel. Hope you feel better about things today!

  2. I am sorry you had such a bad experience.The sad thing is that there is no single foodie website that has a monopoly-so we can opt out of participation and move on to another one at any time. Sounds like you may have been a victim of displaced anger-that lady may have a some personal problem and took it out on you-Meow! Anyhow, I enjoy your posts and love your recipes, so am glad you are here.

  3. Oh my gosh, yeah, this is food porn. THANK GOODNESS! It's making my mouth water. I wish it was a centerfold so I could pull it out and pin it up! WOW. I can not wait to give this a try.

    Thank you for sharing Lyn's recipe with us. It looks like a keeper.

    (I'd mention the bad experience, but they're not worth the energy or time.) :)

  4. Thank you, Kim Bee for making me feel better :o) And writing about it made me feel even better;o)

    Tina, thanks for your support, I know I shouldn't get so bent out of shape about this, but it wasn't just one person which made it worse;o)

    MC, thank you too! I love food porn, but they meant it in a bad Hope you do try the recipe, it's not from a magazine, but isn't a blog close enough;o)

  5. Man that sucks! I don't get why people get like that on boards- online is so hard people mistake tone and etc when they don't know the "real" you. I've had something like that happen to me at work- and when I applogzed the person though I was mocking her. LOL (well I guess I am now)
    This chicken is so neat! I have never heard of this technique either. I love the color the chicken gets too. I agree with you though- the blog community as a whole is so supportive!

  6. I only ever look at chowhound for restaurant reviews. It sure seems like it would be a bit of a stuffy and stuck up crowd and not as 'cozy' as foodbuzz. Im sorry they made your weekend full of rants! Who doesn't like food porn?!?!

  7. An interesting cooking method.

  8. Shame on anyone who gives this passionate food enthusiast a hard time.

  9. You know it always makes me smile to see the chars on teriyaki. And of course for strange reason it does related brilliantly with brocolli family. Unfortunately there is only one decent Japanese restaurant here in wellington... only opens in lunch and a little far from my area. Such rarity to eat a good teriyaki. The best one I had was in Nobu in Melbourne, with melt in the mouth rich velvety lingering soy Wagyu beef.
    Chowhound huh? I never tried any other site other than the buzz, kinda old fashion n loyal person n reluctant to changes ;)
    It's really creepy how you've got bullied like that. I mean... do these people have life? how do they accept waking up in the morning?

  10. Sice I am in Hong Kong and I am used to Chinese and Japanese food now, I know this recipe is awesome! This recipe looks very interesting and loved reading your post. You have a great collection of recipes. Do visit my curry blog too!

  11. I agree with you that Lyn is the sweetest thing ever. Lovely recipe and photos (keep them coming). Don't fret about this nasty thing. It happens when you are doing so well and people are just not to be outdone. Take care.

  12. Hi Kay! I'm sorry that you'd this bad experience with those nasty people there. :( Cool down sweetie, they're just not worth a single of your energy and time. It's better to save them here for us who know to appreciate all your beautiful, mouthwatering dishes right! :D
    Tks a bundle for your sweetest mentioned of me and remade this recipe Kay! I'm truly touched and greatly appreciated. :D
    You did a great job on this Paper Wrapped Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce and I LOVE it that you used thigh-meats!(why didn't I thought of this!? LOL) I'm gonna try your recipe the next time! :D
    Tks again Kay! *hugs* ^.^

  13. So sorry for your bad experience! Can't believe grown adults can act like that. I have been amazed at how supportive and welcoming everyone in the food blogging work - love it! This chicken sounds great - looks most and delicious!

  14. Yeah...after I read that thread I was so angry for you (esp I spent that much time to read. LOL)! I even told my husband to read it. It's just not fair and like everyone here said, it's complete waste of time feeling angry or sad about it. Just leave them (or just the cat lady) alone in their own world. We love you here and we appreciate every part of your hard work, writing up the recipe, beautiful pictures, and surely we won't say your post is too long or don't make comments! Duh.

    I've tried paper wrapped chicken in Chinese restaurant too and you made it nice with teriyaki flavor. Perfectly done chicken! Looks so delicious!!!

    I agree that Lyn is a very sincere and nice person. :-) And I'm also happy foodbuzz community is full of wonderful people. We support each other and so lucky to be here. :-)

  15. Oh, gosh, how terrible! I'm sorry you were treated that way...I'm all for food porn, so keep 'em coming!!!

    Your chicken looks delectable...that dark sheen is amazing. I know I'd love this...and thanks for exposing me to a new technique! Giving you some foodbuzz love with a BUZZ!

  16. Lindsey, that's even worse when you apologize in person and they think you are mocking them! I really just don't get some people;o) So happy that bloggers are so much nicer...irony is that the one that was the most vocal towards me has a blog!! Thanks for your support and hope you do try the chicken some time:o)

    Thanks, Danielle. I too usually just use it for restaurant reviews and had favorable replies. It was just this one thread..a constant thread that was bad;o) I feel a lot better with all the support from Foodbuzz!

    Rosemary, another way of cooking Asian;o)

    Thanks, Keith :o)

    Pierre, that Teriyaki from Nobu sounds delicious! Too bad you don't have many Japanese places near year, how odd that a place is only open for lunch, but not for dinner. At least you can cook whatever you want to eat! Thanks, for your support too, yeah, weird that there are online bullies;o) Hope you try making this dish sometime!

    Thanks for visiting, Purabi! I really liked the recipes from your blog too :o)

  17. Thanks, Medifast :o)

    Thank you too for your kind words, Adora! And I know, I just love Lyn!

    Lyn, I know, I let things bother me too Everybody's support from the blogging world is making me feel much better, I knew they would be there for me:o) Thanks for posting the chicken first, I really want to try to make it again and improve it some;o)

    Thanks, Erin. We really are lucky that we are all supportive of each other in the blogging world!

  18. Thank you, Nami. I didn't expect you to read the whole thread and spend 1.5 hrs on really appreciate that you did that for me!! Oh, maybe Koi Palace will have the chicken;o)

    Lizzy, right, if you like food, don't you usually like food porn too;o) Thank you for your kind words. Foodbuzz community is great!!

  19. Hi Kay! Glad that you're feel better now. :)
    You're always welcome Kay! :D
    I'm so happy that you like this recipe (in your version of Teriyaki Sauce) and will be trying out again! Hope to see them soon and I want to try your version! :D
    I always love it this way that we can learn from one another in the blogging world and exchange tips etc! ^.^

    P.S. @Adora and Nami- Thank you so much to both your kind and sweet compliments. I feel so happy and greatly appreciated! Tks again to Adora and Nami! All of you here I known are really the greatest find for me in the blogging world! :D

  20. I am sorry you had to put up with such unwarranted criticism. Good thing we have supportive blogger friends. Pictures make the post outstanding and I love your pictures. I would not buy a cookbook with no pictures in them and so I cannot understand their complaint. Kay, you continue posting your pictures. We love pictures! :)

    Paper wrapped chicken is a classic Chinese dish. Using teriyaki sauce is a great idea. I like the charred bits. It must be really tasty!

  21. Wow that looks very good! I had no idea you could fry paper wrapped chicken!

    Forget about the bad guys, your recipes are really interesting!

  22. I can't even believe that somebody would tell you would never go to their site again..but if somebody do the same to me I would react the same way since I am just like you very very sensitive about criticism..:)) well we are only humans and on to of it women, right? :))
    Your dish look AMAZING..I am loving the way you made it..very well done!!!

  23. Ohh noo I am so sorry to hear about what happened... I do not know that site, but it is sad when you spend so much time doing something you like and then you get insulted! THEY were the childish ones, not you! Or maybe they are only envious of your beautiful pictures! :-(((((((

    On a more positive note... Lyn is such an amazing lady! And this recipe looks fantastic... I had never heard of frying with parchment paper... I LOVE it! :-)

  24. Thank you, Biren, would think that most people like pictures too :o) Would love to see your Paper Wrapped Chicken recipe!

    Pola, thank you :o) I know, isn't this a neat way to make chicken!

    Sandra, sad that their are such mean people out there :o( Thanks for the compliment about the chicken.

    Manu,thank you for your kind words:o) I'm so glad that Lyn posted the recipe for the Paper Wrapped Chicken, so I could make it too!

  25. Mmmm wow this looks really great. I am sorry about your bad experience. I would never go to this website again. I think your blog is great.

  26. I am sorry that people have to be mean about things. I love your pics and don't let a few bad opinions stop you from doing what you love.

  27. Thanks, Mum, you are sweet! Thank you for the nice compliments :o)

    Melissa, thank you so much for your support :o)

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