Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dinner Tonight - Hiyashi Chuka (Cold Ramen)

Hubby is coming home on a late flight tonight, so he requested a light meal for dinner.  I came up with Hiyashi Chuka.  It's basically cold Ramen Noodles with a salad on top served with a Sesame Sauce/Dressing.  Since I buy the noodles pre-packaged with a packet of sauce, it's a pretty easy meal to make and it  is semi-healthy.  The Japanese are very good at taking other ethnic cuisine and making it their own :o)  Ramen originated in China.  Hiyashi Chuka pretty much means cold Chinese style noodles. It's very common to find in Ramen Restaurants during the hot months when people don't feel like having hot broth with their noodles.  

One of my favorite brands...

The noodles are fresh and soft.  It's nothing like Top Ramen that everybody grew up with!

Japanese Style Cha Siu

I also buy this Cha Siu (Chinese Style BBQ Pork) that's also pre-packaged.  I can find it at the Japanese market and it's pretty good!  It's fatty with great flavor and tastes even better in hot ramen where the fat slightly melts in the broth.

Tonight's toppings:  Icicle Radish (mini Daikon, Kyuri (Japanese Cucumber), Cha Siu, Lettuce, Tomatoes & Hard Boiled Egg.


The seasoning sauce is a soy sauce that's slightly sweetened with sesame. The topping can be just about anything that you can put on a salad that's thinly sliced.  Some of my toppings aren't that traditional, but it tastes good!  My toppings on this Hiyashi Chuka were:  Kyuri (Japanese Cucumber), I like the mini ones that they have at Marukai Market, they actually may be baby Persian ones;o)  Red Radish, Tomatoes, Cha Siu, Ham, Lettuce & Kinshi Tamago. Kinshi Tamago are thin omelettes layered then sliced.


  1. I hear a lot aobut this fast and easy dinner, perfect for people like me, that have a few time to eat, this because for the work or well the study.

  2. Thanks, Viagra! Yes, if you get the packaged Hiyashi Chuka, it is a very quick meal and very tasty too! My hubby loves it because it's like a salad.

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