Monday, April 11, 2011

Oct 2009 - Sushi/Sashimi

These are from three different meals.  I like to serve sashimi (sliced raw fish)  then make are own Temaki (hand rolled sushi).  It's much easier than making rolls and the nori (seaweed) stays nice and crisp.  It's nice to have this type of sushi at home because each individual can make whatever they wish to eat.  You can even combine some of the ingredients, for instance Salmon & Ikura (Salmon Eggs). The only drawback is that you don't have all the variety that you can get at a Sushi Restaurant, but plus side is that it costs a lot less!  My hubby calls these Tokyo  I'm Japanese and my husband is American, the funny thing is I didn't start eating sushi until I met him, I really didn't like the taste or texture of it, now I love it!

Chu-Toro (Fatty Tuna), Hamachi (Yellowtail), Ikura (Salmon Roe), Tamago (Sweet Egg Omelette)

I'm still not that great at slicing the fish, hubby is actually better at it ;o)

Sashimi is just the raw fish and Sushi is when it's served with rice.

Bottom Left:  Chu Toro (Fatty Middle Blue Fin Tuna)...Otoro is the fattiest that you can get.
Bottom Right:  Maguro (Regular Tuna)
Upper Left:  Hamachi (Yellowtail)
Upper Right:  Sake (Salmon)

The Soy Sauce Mixture has Jalapeno, Garlic, Green Onion, Ponzu (Citrus Sauce) & Ginger.  It's to dip the Yellowtail in.  

This meal had Chu Toro, Hamachi, Ikura and Uni (Sea Urchin).  The tube has the wasabi in it.  It's very hard to get fresh wasabi here and it's expensive!  I wish I could get fresh wasbi more often, it is so good, it's not as harsh as the wasabi in the tube or powder, just very mellow...

 Hubby's favorite...Ikura Roll...

My Toro Roll...It's not the proper way of doing it, but I dip my Toro in Soy Sauce first then put it on the rice and then put wasabi on top:o)

I'm still not that great at making the Tamago...

 Asari Clam Miso Soup

What's nice about miso soup is that you can put just about anything in it that you like!  Tofu, potatoes, cabbage, pork, tomatoes, wakame (seaweed), kabu (turnips), daikon (radish) etc.

When I'm not lazy, I make the dashi stock (very light fish stock made w/bonito flakes & konbu/dried seaweed).  Usually I just use dashi powder, miso & a little bit of sake.  Most of my recipes aren't conventional.  I end up adding a little of my own touch.  I'm sure if my mother ate most of my Japanese stuff she would say it's not authentic;o)


  1. I am nimble in the kitchen but I can confess here that I have NEVER ever tried my hand at making sushi. Not ever! Whenever it was for Bon Appetit, I bowed out. Someone else had to test it! These photos are marvelous. Your slicing might not be thin, but the slices are VERY uniform. That is not easy! Maybe we should have a Japanese dinner at the beach... Hmmmmmm. Sounds so good to me right this minute. XxOo

  2. Joycie, that is so funny that you would bow out at BA, why were you so afraid of

    Yes, perfect, next time we will have sushi at our place. I can buy most all the ingredients down here and bring it up. It would be so fun!

    Thank you for the encouragement with my new blog :o)