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Oct 2009 - Mushroom & Shrimp Risotto, Arancini, Spaghetti w/Shredded Beef & Tomato Sauce, Soup & Chopped Salad

Mushroom & Shrimp Risotto

I used stock I made with Roasted Shrimp Heads.  The shrimp is just simply sauteed. The mushrooms are Bunapi (White Beech Mushrooms).

I topped it with Parmigiano Reggiano shaved with a rasp, I know some people don't think Parmesan goes with seafood...oh well;o)

Bunapi Mushrooms

This is one of my favorite mushrooms.  They have a very mild taste that you can use in most anything.  It's a specialty breed that Hokuto Company came up with, it's a type of Shimeji mushroom.  You can find it at many Asian markets like Marukai.  The reason I bought it the first time was because I thought they were so pretty and


I love Arancini  (Italian Fried Rice Balls)!  It's the perfect use for leftover Risotto...if you have any left over;o)  It's made just like Tonkatsu with the panko breading.  I stuffed the middle with Mozzarella.  

I love using leftovers to make a second or third meal out of it.  It's kind of a game for me.  It's much more fun than just serving the exact thing over again :o)

 Spaghetti w/Shredded Beef & Tomato Sauce

A friend of mine told me he makes something very similar to this and I had to try it since it sounded so good!  It seems that I can never follow a recipe exactly how it is written.  I usually look at at least 3 and then mix and match and then put in my own touch;o) 

 I used the same ingredients as Osso Buco, but used a Beef Rump Roast and braised it for a couple of hours. I topped it with Gemolata (parsley, garlice & lemon zest) just like Osso added great flavor!

For the garlic bread, I mix softened unsalted butter (Plugra is the easiest to find), chopped garlic, parsley, Parm cheese, S & P.  I slather the butter mixture on the bread then top it off with a little more Parm then stick it in the toaster oven.  I don't have a microwave, so my toaster oven is my best

Like a Minestrone Soup...

I made this soup with the leftover Shredded Beef using up the beef & tomato sauce.  I also added:  diced tomatoes, spinach, flageolet & pinto beans, celery, onion, garlic, zucchini, corn, it's basically my 'Frig Soup ;o) I topped it with the left over gremolata & Parm Cheese.

Italian Chopped Salad

I served this with the soup, it wasn't as good as some restaurant versions, but it was pretty good!  I think I'd rather just eat it at a restaurant, it takes a lot of time to chop everything  Ingredients were:  Red Leaf Lettuce, Tomato, Salami, Provolone, Celery, Parmesan, Treviso (a racicchio that's shaped like a Belgian Endive), Red Onion, Hearts of Palm (my fav!), & Garbanzo Beans...I think that's it..   Again, not very traditional;o)  I made a simple Vinaigrette Dressing to go with it.

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