Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nov 2009 - Lasagna, Pot Roast & Pot Roast Sandwich

Lasagna Terrine

I was at my brother-in-laws for dinner one night when he served lasagna. I love lasagna, who doesn't right?  I was telling him that I don't like making it because you have to make so much and usually I'm just cooking for just the two of us.  A little bit of leftovers are fine, but I don't want to have to eat the same thing for a week!  He showed me his Le Crueset Terrine dish and said I should use this...  Of course, he didn't gift his to me, so I went out and got one for myself;o)  It's the perfect depth and width for the lasagna noodles!

I've tried making lasagna with both Bechamel Sauce and Ricotta Cheese. I like it better with ricotta, I think it's because that's what I grew up with!  I used leftover shredded beef from a previous dinner to make this.  I freeze everything, so if I dig around in the freezer, I can always find something to make dinner with :o)

 Pot Roast

I don't really understand Pot Roast and don't usually make it.  Why do people prefer this over stew?  It seems very similar, but I know that pot roast is braised whole and sliced & stew is cubed.  Stew is also quicker and easier to make.  This did turn out well, but I think Pot Roast "sounds" better than it really

To make this I used Chuck Roast and braised it for about 3 hours.  I added sauteed onions & garlic at the beginning and then added carrots, celery & potatoes in the last hour of cooking, so they wouldn't get too mushy.

Pot Roast Sandwich

The main reason I had made the Pot Roast was to make this sandwich.  I saw an episode of Diners, Drive-ins  & Dives and saw a delicious sandwich at one of the featured restaurants.  It's always a hoot to watch Guy!  I liked the leftover sandwich better than the main meal ;o)

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