Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinner Tonight - Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken

I really enjoy cooking, but sometimes I get lazy.  When I'm lazy, my go-to dinner is Teriyaki Chicken.  I always have some Teriyaki marinade in the refrigerator.  I wrote about making Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowls in a previous post...

I used the same marinade, but served the chicken separate from the rice this time.  I usually get regular grocery store whole chickens and then either brine or marinate them, so they get better flavor.  Vons was having a sale for $.97 per lb, so I got two chickens and cut both of them up and saved the bones for stock.  I used one  to make this dish and the other one is in the freezer waiting to be cooked into another tasty meal :o)  I can be very frugal at times!

In the Marinade...

I put the chicken pieces in the Teriyaki sauce for about an hour or so and mix it up periodically.  It has soy sauce, sugar, mirin, garlic, ginger, ajishio, sake, dashi powder, worchestershire sauce, water etc.  It's a very unconventional recipe, I figure the W Sauce is simlar to using Fish Sauce in other Asian cooking ;o)

Ready for the Oven...

I spread a roasting rack and lay the pieces on top.  The one bad thing about this chicken is that it makes such a mess of the roasting pan!  I put foil in the bottom, but somehow the drippings still end up underneath the foil and it still makes a mess...lol  I'm pretty sure it's the sugar that's in the marinade that gets all burnt at the bottom of the pan.  I figured out that if I spray Easy Off on the pan, it is much easier to clean;o)

Teriyaki Chicken

When I turn over the pieces of chicken while it cooks I dip the pieces in the marinade before putting it back in the oven to give it more flavor.  I don't serve extra sauce with the chicken.

Salad Dressing

I make all kinds of salad dressing, but I always end up putting too many ingredients in it;o)  I guess I think I will miss out if I make it simple.  I also make extra for another night, but then end up adding other ingredients and change it up. This one started as a Chinese Chicken Dressing, but I changed it from the start.  I was talking to my brother about how when we were at Galatoire's in New Orleans the waiter told us to dip the Fried Eggplant in a mixture of Powdered Sugar & Tabasco and how strange that was.  My brother said that Thai cuisine mixes vinegar, sugar & chili, so it wasn't that odd, so I decided to make a dressing with that combo.  The original Chinese Chicken Dressing has sugar, vinegar & Sesame Oil in it, so I decided to add Rayu to it.  Rayu is a Sesame Oil flavored with Chili.  The combo was good, but I made it way too sweet. This version has more Grapeseed Oil & Rice Vinegar and then I added finely chopped tomatoes to it.  I find whatever type of jar I have and use that as the dressing vessel.

Tomatoes & Red Onion

When tomatoes aren't in the top notch perfect flavorful season, I will buy small tomatoes, slice it up with some red onions and use whatever salad dressing I have and marinate it for about 30 mins.  It makes the tomatoes taste much better!  I just served this over mixed lettuce  for a simple salad.

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