Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sep 2009 - Tamale Pie

Tamale Pie

From September 2009

Again, this is made from leftovers. This time I had made ground beef tacos and used the leftover cooked meat from it. I love to use leftovers and try to come up with a completely different dish.

This was my first attempt at making Tamale Pie, (I know, very retro) I'd never even eaten it before, only had heard about it! It was supposed to be a double on the bottom and one on the top, but the one on the bottom just stuck to the bottom of the casserole dish. I can admit my failures too;o)


  1. This tamale pie looks so yummy, Kay! I have an easy recipe that uses corn bread and french-fried onions on top. That beef stroganoff looks great too. I am not a sushi person. I only like Inari and California Roll. -Julie

  2. So Julie, you do cook:o) I'll have to get that tamale pie recipe from you! As I said, sushi is an acquired taste. If you start with the tuna and you like it, you can move on to other stuff. The tuna rolls (tekkamaki) are a good starter;o)

  3. This tamale pie looks extremely delicious!!!!!!