Monday, April 11, 2011

Oct 2009 - Roast Chicken, Stroganoff, & Green Chile Burger

Simple Roast Chicken

Hubby helps sometimes with my food photos and this is one of the first ones we did, so it's not perfect!  I'm too lazy to truss the legs of the chicken, I figure it doesn't make that much of a difference in cooking and taste :o)  I like to roast chicken and then save the bones to make stock later, it gives it such a nice rich taste!

The veggies were:  Zucchini, Celery, Carrots & Mushrooms.  I'd never used mushrooms before, but they turned out pretty well!  I love that you can roast just about any type of veggie that you like.

 Beef Stroganoff

I don't remember the cut of beef I used for this Stroganoff.   I usually use Chuck for all my braised dishes, but  it could be one of the Omaha Steaks that my hubby gets for Xmas every year from one of his vendors :o)  So, it could be Sirloin.  Sorry that I'm not too helpful :o(

I love everything on rice...

He loves everything on noodles...

I served this with Corn Off The Cob and Zucchini.  When I was looking at Straganoff recipes, I found that some people put Tomato Paste or Brown Sugar in it.  It didn't sound that good to me, has anybody ever tried it that way?  I basically just use onion, garlic, butter,  flour, home made beef stock, beef, mushrooms and sour cream.  I add peas to it sometimes too.

Posting food on Facebook really helped me get out of my food rut at the time.  It made me be a little bit more creative and therefore, didn't make the same dish for about 2 months!    That's pretty good since I cook at least 5 times a week!

Green Chile Cheese Burgers

I like to grind my own meat for certain dishes.  I love my meat grinder that Hubby got for me one Xmas!!  For the burgers, I ground Chuck with a little bit of Pork Shoulder then saved the pork scraps to make stock later....I can be frugal;o)

The Green Chiles were Pasilla, Anaheim & Jalapenos which I roasted, peeled, chopped then sauteed with onions, garlic & seasonings.

I couldn't quite duplicate the delicious Green Chile Burgers that we had in Santa Fe, but these were pretty good.  Actually, the leftovers tasted great!  Sometimes eating a meal after all the time cooking doesn't taste as good as it should ;o)

I should have made it a little bit more rare...

The fries were just ok.  I can't make the perfect crispy fries yet.  I double fry them too.  Sometimes they turn out well if I freeze it after the first fry...

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