Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nov 2009 - Yakitori

Yakitori is another Japanese meal that I adore.  It's normally just skewered grilled chicken, but I also added meat to the mix.  Yaki means grill and tori means chicken.  We usually go out for Yakitori, so we can get more of a variety, but  I thought it would be nice to try it at home. Another reason I don't make it at home is that it takes a lot of time to skewer each small piece of meat ;o) The marinade I use is the same that I used for the Teriyaki chicken. 

Salt Brined Wings, Chicken Thigh w/Green Onions & NY Strip

In a typical Yakitori restaurant, they grill the meat over Bincho Charcoal...a very hard charcoal.  They serve just about every part of the chicken...tail, gizzard, heart, neck, skin, liver, ovaries etc.  Of course, they also grill the regular parts like breast, thigh, wings etc.  They usually do not serve feet ;o)

I skewered NY Strip and chicken thigh w/green onions flavored with Teriyaki Sauce then grilled it on the stove top.

I was too lazy to skewer the wings...  I just brined them in salt then baked/broiled them in the toaster oven.  This was VERY easy to make!

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